Parent Webinar Series

Registration for  The December Parent Webinar is now available

“Keeping Young People Safe: What You Need to Know About Suicide”

Presented by Kim Kane

or call 208-433-8845, or 1-800-905-3436

The November Parent Webinar  is now available via our training page

From Chaos to Calm:  Strategies for managing difficult children

Presented by Ruth York   Certified Parent Coach, MPH

The Idaho Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

is a family-run nonprofit organization that actively promotes and seeks solutions for mental health well being for our children and youth. We work with government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations for the needs of children with emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders and their families. We are a chapter of the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health.

shutterstock_107801486Federation support is always free of cost; we work hard to provide information and referral, informal support, education and advocacy to families. Read More   shutterstock_112984447   Youth M.O.V.E National is a youth led national organization devoted to improving services and systems that support positive growth and development by uniting the voices of individuals who have lived experience in various systems including mental health, juvenile justice, education, and child welfare Read More