Steve’s News Blast for December 2015

Steve’s Space In a very short NewsBlast,

I offer a short but heartfelt wish from all our staff and board members that you have a most Joyous Holiday and Prosperous New Year! With a new year in mind, I wish to note that a program I mentioned several months ago, the Parent Support Partner Program (PSP) is on the verge of becoming a reality next year. Once it is rolled out, parents will have the opportunity to attend a 40 hour training that will allow them to become state certified as a PSP and potentially obtain employment with providers. If you are a parent with lived experience wishing to learn more about this opportunity, or know parents who might be interested, please contact the IFFCMH office for additional information. Speaking of programs, our respite care program and Emergency Caregiver Respite Project (ECR) are in need of respite care providers. It is relatively simple to be added to our respite care provider directory which is intended to help families find a provider. To become a listed provider, individuals must attend a brief training webinar, (about 90 minutes) and pass a background check which we pay for. The ECR is now available to any 24/7 caregiver providing care to any person(s) of any age. This project is intended to financially assist families impacted by an emergency that causes a 24/7 caregiver to be unable to provide care for a limited period of time as long as no other respite care fund is available to them. More about ECR, the guidelines, criteria and application form can be found on the IFFCMH website under respite care. This project also needs respite care providers. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming respite care provider and listed in our directory, please contact the IFFCMH office. Our Youth MOVE program is growing and always looking for youth interested in joining us. Our youth groups exist in all regions and several of the groups are Youth MOVE. Again, if you know some youth who may be interested in joining a mutual support/education/community service group, please contact our office for information. We are looking forward to the year ahead with high hopes that our programs will be helpful to the families we hope to serve.

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