Steves News Blast for March 2014

Spring at Last!  Condolences to all our friends throughout the country still caught in winter’s grip! The snow will go away, just got to believe that even the snow will be gone at Wrigley for the Cubs opener!  Believe.  And now that the Idaho legislature is adjourned, it is time to believe that Medicaid Redesign will be on the agenda next session.  And let your legislators know what you believe!  Speaking of the legislature, we express our congratulations and special thanks to Ross Edmunds and his staff for their huge effort which resulted in the passage of the Behavioral Health Transformation legislation which assured that children’s mental health has a place at the table of all the new Behavioral Health Boards.  

I also believe that it is time to mark your calendars for the upcoming Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, May 3-9, and plan on attending events being scheduled around the state and here in Boise.  This year’s theme is “Building a Circle of Wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit”.  With that theme in mind, our 3rd annual Awareness Poster contest is now underway with a new addition, video!  See below for information. 

Plan to bring the kids to our Holistic Health Family Fair on May 3rd at the St. Luke’s Anderson Center, and also spend the afternoon at two panel presentations starting at 12:30 at the center.  The presentations will also be broadcast over the St. Luke’s Hospital video system to several locations.  In addition, presentations will be taped and aired again on May 9th over the Health & Welfare video system to sites in every region of the state.  Watch for regional Awareness walks and more TBA will be taking place on May 8th, the national Awareness Day, along with the signing of city proclamations.  More information about these activities will be coming to you soon via Newsblasts, on our Facebook, and web page, or you can contact IFFCMH.

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