Follow these links to more information and resources for families who have children with emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychological Association

American School Counselors Association

Ashton Memorial /Gustafson House

Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children

Autism Society of America

Autism Speaks

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

Better Todays, Better Tomorrows

Breaking the Silence

California Friday Night Live Partnership

Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice

Centers for Advancement of Children’s Mental Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Centers for the Promotion of Mental Health in Juvenile Justice

Centers for School Mental Health

Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Child Welfare League of America

Children’s and Adults Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity-disorder

Children’s Defense Fund

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Coalition for Juvenile Justice

Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders

County Offices in the U.S.

Department of Education

Equine Partners Offering New Awareness, Inc.

Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

Florida Mental Health Institute

Florida Mental Health Institute at the University of South Florida

Georgetown University Child Development Center

Hand to Hand (click on “programs” then on “children’s programs”)

Hope for Tomorrow


Idaho Department of Education

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections

Idaho RADAR Network Center

Idaho State Legislature

Idaho Youth Ranch

Idea Partnership

Information Center for Disabilities and Gifted Education

Insure Kids Now

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

Maternal and Child Health Library

Mental Help: Educate and Advocate

Mental Health Awareness Through Wristbands
Mental Health Awareness Through Wristbands

Multisystemic Therapy

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

National Association of School Psychologists

National Association of State Directors of Special Education

National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice

National Governor’s Association

National Health Law Program

National Information Center for Children With Disabilities

National Institute of Mental Health

National Mental Health Association

National Respite Network

New York University Child Study Centers

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

OCD Resource Center

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Office of the U.S. Surgeon General

Pacer Center

Parent to Parent

Portland State University’s Research and Training Center

President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health

Idaho Special Education Manual

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers

Technical Assistance Partnership

The Youthhood

University of Washington Maternal & Child Health Program

Visions for Tomorrow (click on “programs”)


Youth Law Center