Whether you are looking to connect with local resources or other local parents, receive support from our Family Support Specialists access to our respite care clearinghouse, resource library, or receive information on how to become a respite care provider, we can help!

Federation support is always free of cost; we work hard to provide information and referral, informal support, education and advocacy to families.

Family Support Specialist

Whether you are looking for support for placement, counseling, Medicaid, IEP’s, or other services, we can help. Our Family Support Specialists are key resources families utilize when working with the Federation.

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Respite Care for Children with a Mental Health Diagnosis

Families and service providers acquainted with issues in children’s mental health frequently recognize the strong need and lack of respite care providers as one of the largest gaps in services for both themselves and others.

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Our History

Families of children in Idaho with emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders identified a need for a statewide family organization so that their voices would be heard and their needs met. The Idaho Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, Inc. was incorporated July 1, 1999 to provide an opportunity for families to work with all groups and individuals who wished to improve the lives of these children.

Our Mission

To provide leadership in the field of children’s mental health by providing support and advocacy to all families to ensure the rights to community-based services for all children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders and their families.