The Idaho Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health Offers Respite Care Training

What are the Respite Provider Tasks?

  • Closely supervise children in your care
  • Provide safe and age appropriate activities
  • Follow and support at all times the parent’s rules for the children regarding medication, snacks(food), activities, movies, TV, not smoking, etc.
  • Provide a short report to parents at the end of each visit

How do I become a Respite Care Provider?

  • Any one can be a successful respite care provider
  • You fill out an information application and confidentiality agreement
  • Required  background checks and fingerprinting are paid for by the Federation of Families
  • Attend and successfully complete a free two hour training class presented via the internet
  • Training classes are held several times a year

To receive information please contact:

Cindy Shotton
(208) 433-8845
(800) 905-3436