Idaho Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health is no longer the contractor for respite for the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare. A new contractor, BPA, has taken it over effective May 1, 2019.

Instead of going through H&W for respite vouchers, families will go through BPA. They will submit their invoices to BPA, and they will receive their payments from BPA. They will have the voucher application form and the respite form on their website, and parents can fill them out online and submit. Families will be eligible for $600 in respite for six months, maximum two per year ($1,200/year).

Here is their website and contact information:

The person in charge of the new respite system at BPA is Jeremy Battershell, MHA
Director of Provider and Client Services

BPA is doing voucher respite only. Respite care providers are expected to be someone who is part of the child’s natural support system. BPA will train respite care providers if the family so wishes, but there is no requirement that providers be trained.

Contact info for the BPA respite team with respite questions is:

FAX:  208-344-7430

Parents can apply for vouchers online with BPA, and also access the invoice form, on BPA’s website:

The direct link to the voucher application is:

The direct link to the invoice form is: